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The chateau complex in Radovesnice I., Kolín district, Central Bohemia Region, is situated on the northeastern slope of the valley of one of the small tributaries of the Pekelský Brook flowing into the Elbe River below Kolín from the left.

The village of Radovesnice I itself is situated in the south-western direction only 4 km from the centre of the district town of Kolín. It is one of the oldest settlements in Bohemia.

The basic part of the area consists of a set of comprehensively reconstructed historical buildings (a castle and a Renaissance building, called a fortress, another building called an “outbuilding”, a garden house and a guard house). The whole area is enclosed by a newly built stone wall with three entrance gates. In the immediate vicinity is a granary building with adjacent land, also newly enclosed by a stone wall with a gate.

In the fenced castle grounds there is a castle park, a pond and a forest preserve. All the buildings have been thoroughly renovated, including stripping from ground moisture by inserting insulation into the walls (undercutting of all buildings) and equipped with period interior. The whole area is prepared as a facility for services – accommodation and catering (hotel and restaurant) as part of the reconstruction.

The castle building itself is a two-storey building covered by a mansard roof with a central tower with a lantern and onion bay and is partly underground, with part of the cellars extending in front of the eastern facade outside the building plan. The three-winged building is bisected by a longitudinal corridor running from the west to the east elevation of the castle, following the north main entrance. This is followed, roughly in the centre of the disposition, by a staircase area which, on the ground floor, leads to a garden entrance covered by a bay in the south elevation. The roofing of the ground floor consists of a half-oval vault with interlocking pentagonal sections.

After reconstruction, the chateau is prepared as a chateau hotel with 5 double suites (with a total of 10 persons), a modern kitchen, three separate areas including a restaurant lounge will allow to realize a total of 40 comfortable seats in the restaurant area, a conference room and facilities for staff.

The historic building called “The Fortress” stands in the eastern front of the courtyard. It occupies an elongated rectangular plan of approximately 9 x 32 m, on which two floors are raised – ground floor and first floor. The whole building has been structurally renovated and is ready for further guest accommodation, to complement the accommodation capacity of the castle hotel. The accommodation capacity of the “Fortress” is 12 double rooms.

The ‘Fortress’ building is connected to another building: the ‘Farmhouse’, which was probably built in 1824 as a ground-floor farm building by building into the line dividing the farm yard and the park. The premises of this building are adapted for occasional social events. There is a large common room furnished as a bar, a food and beverage preparation room, technical and sanitary facilities.

Another building is the guard house situated at the western gate of the castle. From a functional point of view, it is a building for the needs of the administration of the castle grounds. Granary building


The SCHIWY factory for the production of hystorical weapons is also part of the complex.


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Price : 30,000,000
Property Type : Chateau and Castles
Purpose : Sell
Status : Available
Living Area : 15249 sqm
Land Area : 72139 sqm
Total Area : 87 388 sqm
Country : Czech Republic
City : Radovesnice
Address : Ve Dvoře 1, 280 02 Radovesnice
Zip Code : 280 02
Property ID : 2594

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